Television Advertising

Television Advertising

Right Ad, Right Channel, Right Slot and Right Audience is a core success mantra in Television advertising. JAHAL is a leading television advertising agency for News Channels. We provide customized and most affordable media plans for TV ads keeping in the mind target audience, target market and budget.

Fishing where the Fish are is Getting Easier.

You can’t beat TV’s reach. TV always reaches large pool numbers of people in a short amount of time.

Television advertising allows you to reach locally, regionally & nationally easily to large audiences.

With repetitive ad techniques, brand reputation and brand recall can be built.

Why release your Television Advertising with JAHAL?
We provide the popular and well-drafted format of the ad in News Channels on television
Competitive rates for television advertising on News Channel.

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Aston band

These are thin horizontal strips played on TV and actual content on the bottom of the screen. Duration per exposure is 10 seconds.

L band

L Bands are L shaped ads that appear on the screen with the content / TV program for 10 seconds. Ignoring this ad is difficult.

Spot advt (FCT)

The regular types of ad played during the commercial break on the TV program.

Headline sponsorship

The name of the sponsor is announced before the headline.


A short duration ad plays itself in a marquee format and scrolls from one end of the screen to another.


JAHAL is associated with the NEWS 18 channel for television advertising. NEWS 18 News Channel is available on the Analog/ digital platform and all DTH platform (i.e. Tata sky, DISH, Airtel etc.). NEWS 18 News Channels provides a lot of scope for the advertisers because of its nearness to culture, language and flavour.

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