Newspaper Advertising

Newspaper Advertising

“A newspaper is the centre of a community, it is one of the tent poles of community, and that is not going to be replaced by web sites and blogs” Michael Connelly.

A memorable and effective ad creates a positive psychological effect, which ultimately turns the audience into customers. As Newspapers have the highest public reach, we at JAHAL - The King of Advertising, make sure that with the proper planning using readership, circulation & cost metrics, your newspaper ads are rewarding. We deal with all significant Newspapers at Best Rates and comprehensive plans for better ROI.

Through Newspaper advertising, the audience can be targeted for specific areas, groups or seasons.

Taking the coverage and audience into account, Newspaper Advertising has the lowest cost per reader.

Research says 8/10 readers trust Newspaper advertising more than a personal recommendation. For gaining a relationship of trust with customers, newspapers are a great way to achieve that.

Why release your Newspaper Advertising with JAHAL?
Newspaper advertisement based on extensive competitor analysis, planning & research.
JAHAL is One-stop Newspaper advertising agencies that provide end-to-end assistance.
We offer Highly competitive Newspaper Advertising rates & also quote the best price for bulk deals.

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Full Page Ad

This ad captures an entire page of a newspaper. Helpful for major brand releases and announcements.

Half Page Ad

This ad captures a half-page of a newspaper. Even in a folded position, it helps the ad to be visible.

Display Ads

These ads are also known as “box ads” because they usually occupy a square or rectangular space in a newspaper. It appears on any page and any place throughout the Newspaper.

Classified Text Ads

These ads are small insertions. These ads are usually suitable for job openings, matrimony, name change, lost and found, etc.

Classified Display Ads

The cost of buying classified display ads are very economical as it has an image along with the text. These ads are taken up by small brands and for rent/lease information.

Newspaper Jackets

Used for New Product Releases, Branding, Repositioning, Events etc. Premium Full Page Ad option that appears before the front page.

Insert Ads

These ads are full-page small pamphlets or cards inserted in newspapers. Insert Ads are suitable for offers, discounts, festive offerings etc.


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