Cinema Advertising

Cinema Advertising

Cinema Advertising has the highest engagement score and lowest avoidance score. Cinema advertising reaches targeted consumers with innovative messages that engage moviegoers in a highly influencing effective manner. Jahal is a One-Stop On-Screen Cinema Advertising Agency that provides you with a one-stop advertising solution, as cinema attracts and persuades a large proportion pool/chunk of the young, affluent and educated consumers.

In Big Screen Advertising, viewers are found to be more glued; there's a high rate of indulgence of audience.

Cinema Advertising offers you a considerable premium captive audience that helps you target many right people at a single point in time.

On-screen cinema advertising can use full sight, sound and motion to increase ad recall.

Cinema advertising is that your audience is both local and focused on the screen.

The cost of cinema advertising is competitive as it impacts viewers more effectively and provides a more significant return on Investment to the advertisers.

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On Screen Cinema Advertising

Advertisements/slides are played on screens either before the start of the movies or during the interval. We at Jahal run all different on-screen campaigns such as Mute Slide Ad, Audio Slide Ad and Video Commercial.

Mute Slide Ad

The single or multiple image slide ad can be offered on cinema screens to promote your brand.

Audio Slide Ad

The single or multiple image slide ad with professional voiceover and background music can also be offered on cinema screens to promote your brand.

Video Commercial

Animation or live-action video full of multimedia elements can also be one of the best solutions that we provide. However, the Censor certificate is required to run such video commercials on the movie screen.

Add - on Services

At JAHAL, Customer is King; we help our clients to escalate their brand through cinema advertising.

File format Conversion

We offer J2K format and MOV format conversion services to clients for ads in cinemas at competitive prices.

Censor Board Certification

A censor certificate is required to play any video ad in a cinema. We can meet this legal compliance and are capable enough to get censor board certificates for your ads to be published. Assurance of swift certification process.

Ad Production

We help our clients produce full theatre ads, voiceovers, editing, and creative ads in cinemas, which indulge the minds of the captive audience, increasing ROI.

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